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School Policies

Leadership Management & Governance Structure (November 2017)

Child Protection Policy (November 2016)

The Prevent Duty (August 2016)

Electronic Media Acceptable Usage Policy (November 2017)

Media and E-Safety Policy (November 2017)

Health & Safety Policy (August 2016)

Risk Assessment Policy (April 2016)

Infectious and Communicable Disease (April 2016)

Fire Safety Policy (September 2016)

Fire Alarm Procedure / Emergency Plan (September 2016)

Equal Opportunities Statement (August 2016)

Equal Opportunities Policy & Procedure (June 2016)

Disability Equality (November 2016)

Human Values Statement (August 2016)

Curriculum Policy (November 2017)

PSHEE & Careers Policy (November 2017)

Pupil Assessment Policy (April 2016)

High School Student Assessment Policy (November 2017)

High School Student Registration Policy (November 2017)

High School Tutoring Policy (November 2017)

SEND Policy (April 2016)

Statement Regarding Able, Gifted & Talented Pupils (November 2017)

Procedure for Arriving and Collecting Children (April 2016)

Behaviour Policy (April 2016)

Anti-Bullying Policy (April 2016)

Exclusion and Suspension of Pupils (October 2016)

Pupils’ Attendance and Punctuality (April 2016)

Admissions Policy (October 2016)

Admissions Procedure for Kindergarten (November 2016)

Admissions Procedure for Class 1 (November 2016)

Admissions Procedure (November 2016)

Procedure for Visitors (November 2017)

Financial Policy (November 2016)

Procedure for Recovery of Fees (November 2016)

Safe Recruitment (February 2017)

Teaching Staff Recruitment Policy (November 2016)

Staff Code of Conduct (August 2016)

Whistle Blowing Policy and Guidance for Employees (August 2016)

Staff Discipline and Grievance Policy (September 2016)

No Smoking Policy (November 2016)

Parents’ Complaints Policy & Procedure (November 2016)


Early Years Policies

Assessment policy & procedure (April 2016)

Behaviour Management policy (April 2016)

Curriculum policy (April 2016)

Emergency Accident plan (April 2016)

Evacuation procedure (August 2016)

Incontinence policy (August 2016)

Lost Children procedure (August 2016)

Non-Collection of a Child policy & procedure (August 2016)

SEN policy (April 2016)

Staff Cover policy (August 2016)

Transition from Nursery to Kindergarten procedure (August 2016)

EYFS policy (August 2016)

Older Child Curriculum Policy (October 2016)

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