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Student Spotlight

Hannah Edsell

For the first half of this Michaelmas Term, Class 12 had a cross-curricular block on sculpture and creative writing, working out of modern music by such composers as Terry Riley, Philip Glass, Benjamin Britten and Krzysztof Penderecki (to name a few). The students went through a process with each piece, first drawing intuitively and then choosing some from which to create clay reliefs, sculptures and pieces of creative writing. In all the emphasis was on sense and feeling; thus in their work you will find very little figurative representation–even their creative writing is what we came to call ‘nonsense sensory wordscapes.’

In the second half of the block the students each chose a piece of music out of which they created a suite of work: drawings, sculpture and creative writing. Hannah chose Steve Reich’s ‘Pulse’, and we are very pleased to be able to share her work which is both attentive to the qualities of the music and accomplished as a whole project.

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