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THE ST MICHAEL STEINER SCHOOL was founded in 2001 by teachers who have many years experience of living and working in London. Our guiding vision was, and remains, a modern, urban Steiner school that addresses the needs of children who are growing up in this city. We want our children to feel part of the community, not that they are living in a sheltered oasis. The cosmopolitan nature of life in London brings the children into daily contact with people from many different backgrounds, so that the need for interest in and understanding for others is not just taught but experienced. By nurturing in the children a deep respect for all human beings and an enthusiastic and active interest in the world, we aim to help them orientate themselves towards whatever comes to meet them in life, while they are growing and when they are adults.

“Those people who do not allow the current crisis of civilisation to pass by in a kind of soul sleep , but fully experience it, will see that it did not originate in institutions that simply missed their goals and that simply need improvement. Those people will look for the cause deep in human thinking, feeling and will. They will also acknowledge that the education of the coming generation is one of the ways leading to a revitalisation of our social life.” RUDOLF STEINER


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Steiner School is a collective mark (Regd. TM 3069952) of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship