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How the School is Run

How the school is run


The school has no Head Teacher but is run by teachers and administrative staff working as the ‘College’. The College is made up of staff members who have usually been at the school for more than a year and who are able to make a deeper commitment to, and take responsibility for, the school. The College oversees the general wellbeing of the school, ensuring that the aims and vision are kept in mind. The College also deals with legal and statutory matters and those concerning the school’s relationship with official bodies such as Hounslow Council, the Department of Education, the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship (SWSF), OfSTED and Social Services. If parents have questions, comments or requests for ‘the school’, this is where they should be directed. Faculty members, trustees, advisors and other visitors may attend College meetings from time to time by invitation or application. College meets on Thursdays after school. Meetings are chaired by a member of the group; a new Chair is chosen periodically, by the group. Changes to College membership will be communicated to parents via the school newsletter and Association meetings.


All members of staff belong to the ‘Faculty’. Faculty meetings provide a space for Kindergarten, Lower School, Middle School, and High School full and part time staff to meet and share information, discuss concerns and ideas and generally keep in touch with each other.


Kindergarten, Lower & Middle School and High School staff have their own, separate weekly meetings The purpose of Pedagogical meetings is the ongoing development of our work with the children.


The school is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity and, as such, must have a majority of Trustees who are not employees of the school. At present, the school has five Trustees who meet with the College once a term. At the most basic level, the Trustees are responsible for seeing that the school is run legally, however they are also chosen because can contribute to the school in some way out of their knowledge and experience.

The Chair of Trustees is Brian Hipkin (b.hipkin@hotmail.com)


This is a body that represents the whole school community. All parents and staff automatically become Association members when they join the school, unless they request not to be. Others, including alumni and their parents, can apply to the College to become Association members. The AGM takes place in the Spring and other meetings may be scheduled during the year.

Some of the work in the school is supported by smaller groups and individuals as needed, for example, finance, fundraising, publicity & communications, craft, social and outreach, maintenance and premises. Each group is made up of parents and sometimes friends of the school and includes at least one teacher. Where necessary, professionals are engaged, for example, accountants and solicitors, but otherwise, these tasks are unpaid. Parents are encouraged to become involved in the school in this way.


The school is registered with the DfE and is a full member of the Steiner Waldorf Schools fellowship. All privately funded Steiner Waldorf schools in England are inspected by the Schools’ Inspectorate Service (SIS) whose inspectors are accompanied in the process by lay inspectors from the Waldorf movement who can advise them. The school was last inspected in November 2016 (report available to be read here) and had a Progress Monitoring Inspection in March 2017 (report available to be read here).

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