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There are three different application forms (below) – one for the High School, which includes a section for the student to fill in as well as one for parents, one for the Kindergarten and one for the Lower School. Please make sure you choose the right form. Applications should be submitted, together with the application fee of £50 (cheques payable to the St Michael Steiner School Ltd.) to:

The St Michael Steiner School
Park Road
Hanworth Park
TW13 6PN

If you would like to email your application form(s), you can also pay the application fee by bank transfer.  Email the school for details.

On receipt of your application, fee and all relevant reports (if asked for), the Administrator will contact you to arrange an interview date.


Kindergarten interviews are informal meetings between parents, child and teachers. Your child can play in the Kindergarten while you talk with the teachers. Kindergarten interviews usually last about 45 minutes.

In the Lower School, we arrange a 3 day visit for your child to the relevant class. During that time, ideally after school on the second day, two teachers, including the prospective Class Teacher, interview the child by him/herself. They may ask him/her to skip, run, jump, clap rhythms, there may be some recitation as well as writing, reading, drawing and number work, at a level relevant to the age of the child. We try to do all of this in as relaxed a way as possible and the child should not feel he/she is being tested. The purpose of the interview is for us to try to find out whether or not we would be able to meet his/her needs. There is an opportunity for parents and the Class Teacher to ask any further questions they may have while your child is supervised by the other teacher.

A decision will be made and you will hear within a week whether or not we are able to offer your child a place in the school.

The High School admissions procedure involves steps:

  • Student and Parent Application forms need to be completed and returned, along with a copy of the most recent school report, and the application fee of £50.
  • An interview will be scheduled upon receipt of both application forms.
  • A decision is made and you will be notifed within two weeks of the interview.


Application forms can be downloaded here:

Kindergarten Application Form

Lower School (Classes 1-8) Application Form

High School (Classes 9-12) Application Form

The St Michael Steiner School

Park Road
Hanworth Park
TW13 6PN

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